Every year, with the first snowfall of the Alborz mountain range in the north of Tehran, the time comes to reopen one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Tehran. Damavand is known as the highest mountain in Iran and the highest volcano in the Middle East. This 5609-meters-height peak is not only a dream destination for many mountaineers around the world but also heaven to professional skiers! Damavand does not actually have a ski resort, however, if you are a skilled skier, you are welcome to experience an ultimate off-piste ski on this mountain. There are loads of virgin powder to be explored since there are not many skiers around! So, an amazing opportunity for wild skiing!
If you do not feel like that much adventure, then skiing in the top-rated ski resorts around Theran is your next option! And here is more information about these ski resorts.

Dizin ski resort

Among the ski resorts around Tehran, Dizin is the first option and the most equipped ski resort in Iran. This area is one of the sights in the north of the Tehran mountains and is located 123 km away from Chaalous road. Dizin offers 23 different pistes, and among them, we can mention the beginner’s track and the professional athletes’ track, the snow park track, the grass track, and the U-track. The beginner’s track is made for beginners and has a shorter length. In this section, beginners will be taught to ski. Other parts are also available and possess winter sports. The best time to ski in Dizin, which provides the most favorable time for the ski fans, is from early December to late May. One of the popular features of Dizin is the lifters. Dizin lifts are divided into four cable cars and two Chairlifts. The cable cars over the valley have a longer route than the others and reach a height of 510 meters. The grass cable cars also start from the restaurant and rise to 380 meters. If you think you are brave enough, you can use the chairlifts to go to the peak.

Dizin ski resort - Tehran

Dizin ski resort – Tehran, Iran

Tochal ski resort

Beautiful mountain scenery, pleasant air, relaxing atmosphere, and excellent amenities have made Tochal resort one of the most popular sights in Tehran. Tochal is a peak in the north of Tehran with a height of 3,962 meters, which is part of the Alborz mountain range. Due to numerous sports and entertainment sections such as shooting club, ski club, Escape room, zip line, cable cars, chairlifts, Bam-e-Tehran, restaurants, and cafes in this complex, Tochal has become among the most popular resorts. Due to its altitude of nearly 4,000 meters. If the weather is as usual as every year, ski lovers can visit here from early November to mid-June. Cable cars are the most famous attractions, which have three main lines and seven stations, one ski lift and three Tele skis. Station one is located at an altitude of 1,900 meters, and station seven has 3,680 meters in height. If you are interested in speed and excitement, you can also try a snowmobile ride at station seven.

Shemshak ski resort

Shemshak is one of the most famous and oldest ski resorts, which is located 57 km east of Tehran in the Shemiranat area. Shemshak ski resort is divided into four different sections. Each of its tracks has its own unique feature. One of these sections is dedicated to teaching beginners. So children, teenagers, and young people can ski. The length of this piste is 400 meters, and the height of the Tele ski is 40 meters. The Aftab track is another part that is bigger than the beginner track. You can use this section after passing the beginner course. The length of the Aftab track depends on the amount of snowfall each year, but in general, it is 1850 meters. In this section, you can also use chairlifts. If you want long-distance skiing, the Mahtab track is a good choice. It is the longest section in Shemshak which reaches 1950 meters. Most professional skiers choose this track for training. You can barely get the chance to experience skiing at night, but at Shemshak, you will have this opportunity! The yellow spotlights lighting up the path, create a beautiful view as the day gets dark.

Shemshak ski resort

You can barely get the chance to experience skiing at night, but at Shemshak, you will have this opportunity!


Darbandsar ski resort is located near Dizin and Shemshak ski resorts at 2700 meters above sea level. It is the only track that has a snow machine, so you can ensure that you will always experience snowy winters here! Darbandsar initially had a two-person chairlift. But they have added to the facilities in recent years. At the beginning of Darbandsar, there is a fast-food restaurant and a coffee shop. At the end of the cable cars route, there is also an area where you can see several cafes and shops. It is good to know that the best time to visit Darbandsar ski resort is from late December to late March.

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