Iranian tribes held different festivals for their agricultural products. “Pomegranate Festival” is one of these ancient festivals in Iran. The villagers go to the pomegranate fields to harvest their crops on Friday, between the 20th and the 25th of October. No one is allowed to harvest pomegranate from their farm before this day! These local and seasonal festivals are a perfect solution for tourism development, and it creates a good interaction between visitors and local people.

To celebrate this Thanksgiving, the people of the region wear special clothes. They play their local musical instruments to make the atmosphere more enjoyable. They are all together in a united and cohesive way and go to their garden and start harvesting. Now, we will introduce you some cities which are famous for this festival:


Pomegranate Festival in Iran

Where do Iranians held pomegranate festival?

Farooq village is in Marvdasht city is a popular village to join this festival. The abundance of pomegranates in this village make people celebrate the pomegranate festival every year. The date of this celebration is in November. You may be interested to know that the Pomegranate Festival is celebrated in the Ishraq Cultural Center and the Khavaran Cultural Center in Tehran.

Pomegranate Festival

By mid-fall Pomegranate trees are full of Pomegranates and local people held a special Thanksgiving ceremony called Pomegranate Festival.


Naderi Badroud Pomegranate is one of the four famous types of pomegranates in Iran. At Badroud Pomegranate Festival, we see that traditional workshops also make pomegranate paste, pomegranate vinegar, and pomegranate jelly, and you can visit this festival during mid-fall.


Durak Pomegranate Festival is in Durak village of Kiar city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. This festival is held every year at the harvest season to thank the blessings. According to the annual tradition, the pomegranate festival is celebrated in Zardavi Paveh village with locals and tourists in the middle of November. In addition, the villagers offer their other hand-made products in this festival as well.

Anbouh village

The pomegranate festival of Anbouh village, located on the border of Gilan and Qazvin provinces, are celebrated spontaneously and popularly every year on the last Friday of October. The women and girls of the village wear local clothes and contribute to picking pomegranates with the men. Then, the pomegranates will be transported by animals such as mule to the side of the road.

We highly recommend you attend this beautiful and ancient tradition. Also, be sure to try the pomegranates presented at the festival. What kind of pomegranate is your favorite?

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