Lafoor forest- Iran

Lafoor Forest is a 40 million-year-old treasure that has millions of hidden secrets and mysteries inside itself. Among the tall and ancient trees of the forest, there are magical waterfalls and rivers covered with green leaves and wildflowers. If you want to find this treasure, pack up all your bags and open up your maps and start your long way journey.

About Lafoor Forest

Lafoor Forest is located in Savadkouh in Mazandaran province. This beautiful forest is rich in beautiful lakes, rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls among the woods that will be the highlights of your trip. Lafoor Forest is a Four-season destination; in spring full of blooms and flowers, in autumn dreamy and colorful, and finally in winter, snowy and freezing. But most importantly it is a great place for making unforgettable memories. Lafoor Forest is full of various attractions. For instance, there are many villages nearby that have their own special way to impress you, and you can visit them on the way. You will also spot some sellers laying around their handicrafts for you to buy, which is such an epic experience. Shopping in the middle of the forest also sounds fun!


Lafoor Forest in Iran: A Four-season destination with fantastic weather.

Adventure activities you can experience

Hiking Alongside the Rivers

If you didn’t know already, the north of Iran is famous for its hot summers. So if you’re visiting Lafoor forest in summer, you might want to feel the cold and refreshing water on your skin as well. So if you were looking for a way to cool down the heat of your body following long hours of hiking, you might want to try taking off your shoes and stepping into the cold and pleasing water of the river. You can cross the bridges on the rivers or cross them barefoot on the shallow depths. There are also some lakes alongside the rivers, which have given a new life to the greenery of this forest. Green woodland filled with chirping birds, wildflowers, and the pleasant sound of the waterfalls, all in only one frame of nature, is what you need to regain the energy for your trekking.

The Seven Waterfalls

The tallest waterfall is located in the central part of the forest. Seven Waterfalls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Mazandaran Province as well. You will face the scenery of heaven in the Lafoor forest. There are several various waterfalls located like stairs on top of one another with a formed pond underneath each, in which you can swim and wash the tiredness of your trip away. You will have so much fun in the little springs beneath the waterfalls. If you are visiting during summertime, you need to bring another pair of clothing with you in case you wanted to swim in the lakes and if not, make sure to check the weather forecast before starting your trip. You also will be walking for several hours, so bringing a comfortable pair of shoes is essential.

Gazou Waterfall

To get to one of the many beautiful waterfalls in the heart of the Lafoor forest, you will have to hike almost an hour. But believe it or not, you won’t even realize how fast the time pasts due to the stunning view of the forests and the rivers on the way. So there’s no way that you would get tired of the path. Catching up to the Gazou waterfall as it welcomes you by the relaxing sound of the water hitting the rocks is such an exciting experience. Standing at the base of the waterfall, taking your time to relax or jumping to the lake, and capturing your memories in photographs is something that you can experience in the Lafoor forest. The best times to visit the waterfall is spring, late summer, or early fall.


Catching up to the Gazou waterfall as it welcomes you by the relaxing sound of the water hitting the rocks is such an exciting experience.

Summer Camps

What is more fun than camping with your family and friends at night and enjoying the peaceful silence of the woods while smelling the delightful scent of the campfire? Obviously, a Camp wouldn’t be complete without a campfire. But please make sure the fire is completely out before leaving your camp if you ever started one. Camping in Lafoor forest is such a fascinating experience. Starting from trekking through the woods, swimming under the waterfalls, cooking food in the woods and sitting around the campfire, singing, telling stories, and just having a great time. If you own a camera you definitely want to bring it with you because there are so many photo opportunities that you don’t want to miss, and also you can capture the memories of your journey and share the joy with others!

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