Khalid-Nabi- Iran

Paradise of horse riders

Finding a great place for horse riding, far from modern life and civilization is hard. There are lots of restrictions and forbidden zones for horse riders. However, there is a heaven for horse riders called Khalid Nabi area, located in Golestan province in Iran; the province with lots of sandhills and beautiful mountains that are great for horse riding. Staying overnight in gazebos and listen to local instruments make this region romantic and absolutely peaceful. Let’s live like local people and get rid of the hectic city life, respect your soul by visiting Khalid Nabi!
Like other regions of Persia, Khalid Nabi has lots of cultural and historical highlights too; so, by this trip, you enjoy both horse riding and visiting cultural attractions. We can categorize the region by activities to 3 kinds of experiences.


Trekking in the hills of Khalid Nabi and its monument and the cemetery brings about lots of joy to you.
Tomb of Khalid Nabi; a monument on top of the green hills is like jewelry and attracts lots of tourists every year. It is interesting to know that this tomb belonged to the last preacher of Christianity. Khalid Nabi was the name of this preacher and it’s more interesting to know that the girl of Khalid Nabi visited Muhammad; the prophet and founder of Islam and converted to Islam at the time. The tomb of Khalid Nabi with its foursquare plan and green roof is simple but also dazzling. He lived during the Sassanid empire era so it’s an old and important tomb for history lovers of the world with more than 1500 years old.


Trekking in Khalid Nabi, the pleasure of walking in nature

There is a mysterious cemetery near the tomb that is unique in terms of the tombstones. The tombstones are like male and female genitals. Some of the other historians say that the tombstones are like men and women with special clothes for war; the men wear war helmet and special belt and women wear war bra. This cemetery belongs to the Paleolithic era; so, trekking in this region will inspire you.

Khalid Nabi -cemetry

The mysterious cemetery of Khalid Nabi

Horse riding

Have you ever heard about Turkmen horses? Khalid Nabi is one of the regions; that Turkmen people live so Turkmen horse breeding is a profession there. Can you imagine how pleasurable it is to ride Turkoman horses in the Turkmen region and overnight with local people and eat their foods and listen to their local instruments?

horse breeding - Khalid Nabi - Iran

Turkmen horse breeding is common in the Golestan province of Iran.

In fact, horse riding in the Khalid Nabi region and Kavir national park is an endless program because there are lots of natural landscapes like waterfalls and forests there so, get ready to go horse riding for several days. Wearing special clothes of Turkmen is a part of their culture and experiencing that will be unforgettable for you.
Also, there are lots of Nomads in the Khalednabi region and it’s a great opportunity to meet these people and take photos of their lifestyle and traditions, tents, and special ceremonies and foods.
As you can see, Khalid Nabi is one of the most unique regions of Iran and even the world!


Birdwatching is one of the most exciting travel activities in the world and has a lot of fans. There is a national park call, Khar Turan, locating near the Khalid Nabi region and is full of different species of birds to watch.


Khar Turan National Park is one of the most popular regions for birdwatching in Iran.

Here is the list of birds in Khar Turan national park;
Bustard, partridge, See-see partridge, quail, Eurasian stone-curlew, Rock dove, Laughing dove, White wagtail, Indian roller, sandgrouse, European greenfinch, Trumpeter Finch, crested lark, Isabelline shrike, sparrow, Ferruginous duck, and heron.
Due to the diversity of birds in this area, we call here “Africa of Iran”!
Just like Africa, Khar Turan has lots of wonderful natural sceneries and animals especially birds. This protected area has 167 species of birds; so, if you are a birdwatching fan, Khar Turan could be your heaven.

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