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Adventurers have lots of questions about the packing list and required equipment to travel. So, in this article, we are trying to mention all the required things to pack before an adventure trip according to the type of activity; but let us start with a general packing list, that would be necessary on your trip with any activity.

General packing list for an adventure trip

Light and Expedition Weight Thermal Tops
Fleece Wind-Stopper Jacket (Optional)
Lightweight Cotton Long Trousers/Pants
Light and Expedition Weight Thermal Bottoms
Sun Hat or Scarf
Warm Fleece Hat
Waterproof Shell Trousers/Pants (Preferably Breathable Fabric)
T-Shirts (2)
Thin, Lightweight (Inner Socks) (4)
Sunglasses with UV Protection
Small Padlock to Lock Trek Bag
Daypack (35-40 Liters/2500-3000 Cubic Inches)
Water Bottles (2)
Small Wash Towel
Footwear Appropriate to The Trip

Now let’s check the special packing list for different travel activities, we will start by climbing; one of the most popular adventure activities in the world.

Climbing packing list

Neck Gaiter or Buff
Warm Gloves And/or Mittens
Rain Gear (Waterproof Jacket and Pants)
Ski Jacket (Gore-Tex Shell And Down Liner, See Notes)
Wool Socks
Cotton Socks
Wool Long Underwear
Silk Long Underwear
Warm Pants, E.G., Polar Fleece (Pile)
Shorts (Culturally Less Acceptable for Women)
Cotton Pants
Wool Sweater
Polar Fleece (Pile) Jacket
Long and Short Sleeved Shirts
Comfortable Underwear
T-Shirts (Cotton or Wool)
Sun Block (minimum SPF 30 for face, 5 for lips)
Telescopic Trekking/Ski Poles
Footwear for Campsite; Running Shoes and/or Sandals
Sun Hat with Visor
Stocking Cap
Ski Goggles
Hand Warmers
Warm Hat
4 Season Sleeping Mat
4 Season Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack
70-100L Expedition Duffle (For Use Up to Base Camp)
45L Alpine Pack (Ice Axe Attachment, Ski Carry System)
Warm Down Jacket
Fleece or Synthetic Mid Layer (X2)
Warm Merino Base Layer Tops (X2)
Crocs/Tent Mules (When in Base Camp or In the High Camp)
Heavyweight Gloves or Mittens with A Waterproof Shell Outer
Down Vest and/or Jacket (Optional)
Fleece or Wool Trousers/Pants
Hiking Boots with Spare Laces
Thick, Warm Wool Hiking Socks (4)


Climbing is among the most popular adventure activities in the world.

Hiking and trekking packing list

Appropriate backpack
Clothing (think moisture-wicking and layers)
Hiking shoes
Flask and water bottle
Navigation tools like a compass
First-aid kit
Rainy poncho
Sugar and some dry foods like date or chocolate
Birdwatching packing list
Feeders for birds
Spotting scope
Professional cameras
Recording tools
Usual things for relaxing
Canyoning packing list
Canyoning Shoes
Canyoning Socks
Canyoning Clothing
Canyoning Backpack
Light Raincoat
Climbing Harness
In-Line Descender
Climbing Ropes
Climbing Gloves
Climbing Helmet
Army Knife
Safety Slings
Safety Whistle
Tape Slings
Microfiber Towels
Camping Equipment
Cooking Equipment
Head Torch
Navigation Tools
Caving checking list
Headlamp attached to the helmet
Flashlight carried with you Undergarments
Knee pads Middleware – shirt and pants
Coveralls or overalls
Thick socks
Spare headlamp
Spare batteries
Drinking water
Large garbage bag
FRS radios
Emergency phone numbers
Change of clothes Road maps
Cave directions and description
Garbage bags
Towel Extra food and water
Water for washing after a trip
Map of cave
Camera and case
Eyeglass retainer
Chemical light stick Pencils
Duffle bag to carry gear to cave
Toilet paper
Drinking water and snacks
Bug and tick repellent GPS to get to and from the cave
Skiing checking list
Ski boots/snowboard boots
Skis/snowboard (in ski bag)
Day rucksack
Transceiver, shovel, and probe (for staying safe off-piste)
Water bottle or Camelback
Multitool for repairs or adjustments on the go
Warm hat/beanie
2x thermal tops
2x fleeces
Waterproof ski jacket
Waterproof ski trousers
Waterproof gloves or mittens
Thermal bottoms
2 or 3 pairs of ski/board socks
Jeans/long trousers
Jumper or fleece
Underwear including socks
Comfy trousers/jogging bottoms
Thin gloves
Shoes/boots with a good grip
Sports bra

hiking - packing list

What do you usually pack before going hiking?

Most of the adventurers are professional and have most of the equipment, but we are here to provide the required stuff for amateur ones with great classes or for professionals, that don’t want to carry and bring their equipment. So, don’t worry about it, we are here to organize your trip greatly.
Maybe there are some other activities that aren’t included in the text so please send us your comments or ask your questions via contacting, we will answer immediately.

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