Have you ever thought of passing through peaceful oak forests in cool pleasant weather while sitting on your two-wheeled vehicle? Then, biking in Zagros mountains is what you are exactly looking for. As the land of great natural sceneries and undercover gems, Iran offers a variety of opportunities for adventurers with diverse tastes. Stay with us in this article if you are searching for amazing destinations for biking in Iran to get to know one of the bests.

biking in Zagros

Iran offers many unique landscapes for cycling.

Why you should consider biking in Zagros?

Extending from the northwest to the southeast of Iran, Zagros mountains in the west of Iran offers stunning landscapes suitable for a variety of activities, ranging from hiking to skiing and biking. Zagros landscapes and beauties are not only limited to high glorious pre-Cambrian-era mountains but also breathtaking green canyons, and amazing routes for hiking and biking. Besides these awesome landscapes, there is another strong reason make every tourist wants to immerse themselves in this experience, that is meeting friendly, hardworking nomads and also all the inhabitants of the Zagros region. Biking alongside foothills through nomadic camps is truly going to be one of the unforgettable experiences of yours all through your life.

Where to go for biking in Zagros?

Depending on your purpose and favorite activity, Zagros offers a variety of landscapes and places. There are routes for biking in Zagros between different cities and villages, but if you are interested in biking in a ore pristine area, we would recommend the oak forests spread throughout the Zagros Mt. Oak tree grows at an altitude of fewer than 3,000 meters. That is why the typical converge of the region is oak. Biking in these peaceful forests with breathtaking sceneries would be the great gift of nature to any adventurer.

When is the best time to go biking in the Zagros?

Zagros ecosystem is rich inters of soil type, sun quality, and natural pure water. There are great sources of fresh water in the region such as lakes, waterfalls, and rivers. However, the landscape is dependent on rain, thus the landscape during a pulvinus year is absolutely incomparable to a dry year. The best time to go biking in Zagros Mt. is spring and fall when the sun shines and yet the cool breezes touch your face while you are riding your favorite vehicle in the peaceful nature.
However, if you are looking for more challenge summer and winter offers heir own advantages, too.

How to reserve a biking tour in Zagros?

We are honored to e among the few travel agencies in Iran operating adventure tours. Cycling tour in Iran is also among our expertise. Iran Adventure offers a biking tour in Zagros; on this route, the support autos will be with you so that you can enjoy resting anytime anywhere you would like. Visiting beautiful cultural highlights in the area is part of the tour itinerary which will make a lifelong memory for you.

We invite you to visit and enjoy biking in this lovely region. Please do not hesitate to contact us via info@adventure.ir.

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