Have you ever heard about those castles in tales and stories that create magnificent scenery, on top of the mountains? Alamut Castle used to be an ancient one that back in the time when you tried to take in the beauty of the castle, a bolt of lightning would light up the castle to show off the castle’s beauty. This castle was a whole inspiration for several movies, books, and the worldwide famous video game Assassin’s Creed. Alongside a castle, full of history and inspiration, there’s a beautiful lake surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. It would be a pity to visit Alamut Castle and not head to Ovan Lake with its breathtaking view.

Alamut Castle

The Alamut Castle might not look the same as it used to, but it still holds its grace and dignity. The remaining parts of the castle are located in the northwest of Qazvin Province, near Gazor Khan Village (Location on Google map). It takes an hour and a half to arrive at Alamut Castle from Qazvin. The castle was captured and burnt by Mongol Hulagu Khan and transformed into prison later on. The engineering and architecture of the castle are brilliant. The way that it was built on such a steep mountain, without any paved roads and amenities. But now the road leading to the castle itself is beautiful with mountain sceneries. The area is a picturesque mountainous one, and roads are well paved. You see dry hills and mountains in front and on the sides almost throughout.

Walking all the way up to the castle takes a short amount of time, but lots of energy. It takes about 20 minutes to step up the stairs. There are many narrow steps to the top and if you are into climbing, you wouldn’t want to miss one. From the entrance you have to walk steeply uphill to the fortress, so wear your comfy sneakers. The hiking could be somehow a challenge for some people but for the professional adventurers, hiking here would be like a piece of cake. If you don’t feel like climbing up to the castle, you can take the help of a mule to carry you half of the way up. This place is a perfect spot for adventurers to climb up and fulfill their adventure taste.


There are many narrow steps to the top of the Alamut Castle, and if you are into climbing, you wouldn’t want to miss one.

When you reach the top, you will be amazed by the stunning view. The view of Gazor khan village and horizon from the top is just so perfect. The views alone are worth the climb. It is recommended to go as early as possible before the heat of the sun starts to bear down and before too many people arrive. The best season to travel to the Alamut Castle is late March when the trees blossom and the weather is breezy and pleasant. During spring the beautiful cherry trees blossom and in summer, you can taste delicious cherries that grow around the castle.

This place has also lots of areas that could be used for camping. You just have to look around and find a suitable and flat ground to equip your tent and settle down. By the time it gets dark, prepare a little campfire with dry wood to extend your beautiful day a bit longer. What’s better than friends gathered around a fire cracking under the stars? Visit Alamut and nearby canyons on a day trip to Qazvin in Iran to experience a fascinating trip.

Ovan Lake

After passing about 80 km from Qazvin city, you will reach a beautiful lake, surrounded by the beauty of nature (Location on Google map). The entire area is filled with photogenic spots and lots of photography opportunities. The view won’t disappoint you. A clear blue lake surrounded by mountains and tall beautiful trees and their beautiful reflections of the surroundings on the lake is such a magical scene. All this scenery makes you want to spend all night long by the Ovan Lake. There are so many private gardens, full of fruit trees nearby that add up to the beauty of the whole area. There are also shops, facilities and small recreational boats available that you can use.

Anytime in the year, you will find a different kind of beauty around the lake, but the most spectacular views will be found during spring and fall. The reflection of the blossoms on the lake during spring, or fallen leaves walking in the wind in fall, creates mesmerizing scenery in each season. Ovan lake is a great place for camping and picnic in summer and spring as well. But during winter or fall, could be hard and exhausting to camp due to its freezing temperature. The area is also difficult to reach in winter because of the snow.


Ovan Lake, Qazvin, Iran

You would have a much better chance to enjoy your stay during weekdays because these places are always crowded and busy during the weekend. But on the other hand, it doesn’t matter which season you decide to pay a visit to Ovan lake, you can always feel the beauty of nature and enjoy the moment. A beautiful and relaxing place, perfect for hiking. You could spend many days relaxing here but you can never stop enjoying your moments by Ovan Lake.

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