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Alamut to Hesarchal & Damavand tour (price, itinerary)

Alamut to Hesarchal & Damavand tour (price, itinerary) From 1,010 €

calender-icon 11 Days
calender-icon 3 Cities
calender-icon 15 Meals

Alamut to Hesarchal & Damavand tour is an exceptional climbing tour in Iran to test your endurance and climbing skills. On this trip, you will cross the old valley, Alamut, and then you will visit Hessarchal. The first mountain to climb is AlamKouh, the second highest peak in Iran. By ascending Alamkouh, you will be ready to climb Mt. Damavand, the first and highest peak in Iran with 5610m height.

The slopes of the soaring peaks of the Alborz, have inspiring and amazing scenery, particularly during spring, you will be amazed by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, just like the beautiful nature of Switzerland, Patagonia, and the central regions of Australia. Seeing these extraordinary valleys becomes even more tempting when we know that the natural beauty of this area has a mysterious and ancient historical background. Some of Iran's most mysterious tourist attractions are located in the beautiful valleys of Alamut, and the remains of nearly fifty castles lie on the slopes of the Alborz.

Alamkuh offers features that make it completely unique and an exceptional region not only in the country but in the whole region. The presence of Iran's largest glacier in Alamchal, as well as the existence of the tallest 90-degree (granite) wall about 700 meters, which is unique in the Middle East, has made this region a paradise for enthusiastic mountaineers and climbers. Hesarchal plain is one of the most beautiful and pristine mountainous plains of Iran, which is surrounded by the eastern peak of Alamkuh. The height of Sarchal shelter is 3750 meters, Alamchal is 4200 meters and Hesarchal plain is 3750 meters. Takht-e-Soliman peak with a height of 4770 meters is another attraction of climbing this area.

Crossing Alamut to Hesarchal & Damavand would be an exceptional experience for every adventurer. Reaching this glorious snow-capped peak, you feel like you are standing on top of Iran. No professional climber would like to miss Damavand tour.


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  • Arrival

    We’re here with another dreamy adventure. After you arrive at the airport, transfer to your hotel in Tehran and rest well cause tomorrow, we got a long way ahead. Trust us; the next ten days will be the most exciting days of your life. As for tomorrow, wear those Nikes and bring some cash with you cause we’re visiting one of the most popular Bazaars in Tehran.

    ACC: Hotel in Tehran
  • Grocery shopping

    Are you ready for today’s trip? If so, head down to breakfast. We’re gonna make tracks to Tajrish Square, a lively neighborhood, then turn our attention towards Tajrish Bazaar. From there, we buy some culinary class essentials, cause guess what? You’re gonna become a chef by the end of this trip. After having lunch, we go to the Darband region for some walking. This is a perfect spot for some memorable photo-taking. Then as for dinner, we’ll be having a delicious Persian meal at one of the traditional restaurants. Save some room for tasty snacks cause you don’t wanna skip them when you see them.

    ACC: Hotel in Tehran
  • Tehran city tour

    Wanna witness history, culture, and art all in one day? Greedy, but 100% possible in Tehran. After breakfast, we’ll head to explore various attractions, such as palaces, museums, gardens, etc. So make sure to bring your camera with you. Our destinations are Tehran Grand Bazaar, which is a must for your trip to Tehran. Then we gotta visit the majestic palace of once Iran’s kingdom, Golestan Palace. And let’s not miss the breathtaking Gate of National Garden and its out-of-this-world architecture. Last but not least, the museum of the Treasury of National Jewels. Dinner is on us, so you know you’re having something tasty.

    ACC: Hotel in Tehran
  • Qazvin city tour

    Rise and shine! Today we are leaving behind Tehran and making tracks towards Qazvin (153 km, 02:10). First? We will come to the first designed street in Iran, Sepah Avenue. We will also visit the famous Jameh mosque of Qazvin, which looks like a museum full of Iranian-Islamic art and architecture. The next super-scenic attraction is the Caravanserai of Saad al-Saltaneh. You will love walking around this old bazaar and meeting its super kind locals. Our trip continues right after lunch towards the Ovan lake (83 km, 02:00). Natural wonders cannot get any better than this. Get involved in Ovan lake and enjoy your time with our fellow explorers. The crazy-good landscapes aren’t over yet! As for the last highlight of the day, we will visit Alamut Castle, perched on top of a steep hill.

    ACC: Hotel in Alamut
    DISTANCE: 236 km
    TIME: 04:10
  • Trekking to pass the neck

    Finally, the day to heighten our sense of adventure has arrived. First, head down to breakfast before making tracks towards our destination. Then we’re gonna start from the Pich-e bon pass and then cross the Salbar Pass. On the way, we make a quick stop for lunch. Make sure to eat to your heart’s content cause we have a long way of trekking. We then continue towards Maran village, where we can swap those socials and soak up some good times with the locals. We have 6 hours of walking and 3000-3200 m to ascend, so you definitely need those comfy sneakers on.

    ACC: Camp
    ASCEND: 3000-3200 m
    TIME: 06:00
  • Camping in 3800m height

    In the mood to go camping by a gorgeous lake? Then you got it! Today, we start our adventure by walking toward Darjan Village. We keep trekking until we arrive at Hesarchal lake (3800 m). And just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, you’re facing a great lake, filling you with the feeling of peace. And that’s just not it! Will be having lunch by the lovely lake and camping for the night. Then, you’re free to do whatever. You can use this opportunity to meditate and relax or maybe do something fun, like playing some games with the fam!

    ACC: Camp
    ASCEND: 3800 m
    TIME: 08:00 hours of walking
  • Trek down to the foot of Damavand

    Hear that? That’s what waking up to heaven sounds like. Gather all your stuff cause we’ve got photo shooting on our schedule. After taking aesthetic pictures of the Alamkouh region, we got 2 hours of light walking towards Tang-e Galou. Then our destination changes to Rineh (275 km, 05:15). We’ll be staying over at Rineh mountaineering federation hut, but before that, Persian food, anyone? I don’t know about you, but after many hours of trekking, I am so down for some delicious food. Just to let you know, will be having lunch at one of the best restaurants at Rineh. Back in Rineh hut, you’re free to explore or kick back and take it all in.

    ACC: Rineh mountaineering federation hut
    DISTANCE: 275 km
    TIME: 05:15
  • Damavand base camp

    This is it, the adventure you’ve been waiting for. After having breakfast, we’ll make tracks to Gosfandsara, the foot of Damavand. Then at the specified location, we climb up to Bargah-e Sevvom for (4-5 hours). From there, we have our friendly mules carrying our luggage for us. After reaching 4500 meters, we return to the camp base and spend the night at a camp base. Rest well for tomorrow’s ascend to Damavand’s peak. You will be mesmerized by the glorious scenery before your eyes. Make sure you charge your camera for tomorrow since it will be taking shots nonstop of mother nature’s mad skills.

    ACC: Camp
    ASCEND: 4500 m
    TIME: 4-5 hours
  • Summit day

    Today’s eventually the day to reach the peak of the highest mountain in the middle east. Hope you’re prepared for 6 hours of hiking. We follow our expert leader to finally arrive at the peak. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from our in-the-know trip leader if you have any. Once you get to the top, you will not believe your eyes. It feels like you’re standing on top of the world. Take in all the beautiful scenery surrounding you, and don’t forget to take pictures for your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Trust me, with these photos, you’ve got bragging rights for life. After a little bit of party with the fam, we descend to Gosfandsara and head back to Rineh.

    ACC: Rineh mountaineering federation hut
    TIME: 06:00
  • Relaxation on hot spa

    This is your last full day. So, today’s the chance to experience allll there is to experience and explore. After breakfast, we turn our attention to Shahandasht waterfall (13 km, 00:30). Along the way, we stop by to pay a visit to the historical monument of Malek Bahman citadel. As for the highlight of the day, how does relaxing in the warm water of Larijan sound to you? Get involved in its hot springs and remove all the exhaustion of the last day. Then leave behind Larijan, head back to Tehran, and rest in the hotel. And with that, our adventure came to a close.

    ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    DISTANCE: 13 km
    TIME: 00:30 of walking
  • Departure

    Today, you’ll depart with loads of beautiful memories you made so far in Iran. Head to the airport to catch your flight back home, but before that, quick question: are you down for another adventure trip next year? Hell yeah! This tour might have come to a close, but for us, with a heightened sense of adventure, the adventure never ends. Start planning your next exciting adventure with Iran Adventure Tours.

    MEALS: B


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Mountain camp base
Mountaineering federation hut
  • Meals: 10x lunch, 5x dinner
  • Mules for carrying luggage in mountain
  • All entrance fees according to the itinerary
  • Guide for all days
  • All transfers
  • Convenient transport vehicle according to pax
  • Visa
  • Tipp for hotel and restaurant services
  • Refreshments (2 bottles of water every day)
  • Group size: 2 – 14 pax


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