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Damavand Tour (7 Days): best price, full itinerary

Damavand Tour (7 Days): best price, full itinerary From 989 €

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Damavand Tour, considering other climbing tours you have had so far, will be an exhilarating experience. Climbing the highest volcanic mountain in the Middle East will be something you will never forget. Damavand is basically a walk-up, so we recommend preventing altitude sickness (such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, and swollen fingers), and it's best to climb Mount Damavand not so quickly. If you're up for experiencing more adventures by Damavand Tour, keep up with Iran Adventure Tours.

Damavand is not considered a technical peak, except for the northern slope route; it is more exhausting than technical. For example, its eastern slope is a very long route. The easiest and shortest route is the southern slope of the peak. There are often many people on the route, and this path also has more suitable shelters offering mules to carry your bags to the last shelter. The most significant thing you'll need to climb Damavand is motivation and physical fitness. We suggest you only start with one or two climbs above 4,000 meters before climbing Damavand. For example, the Tochal peak would be an excellent start for preparing beforehand.

When you reach the third shelter, there is some breathtaking scenery before your eyes. So don't forget to bring your photography equipment to capture these magnificent sights and moments of a memorable adventure. On your left will be Lar Dam Lake, a light blue glistering scenery, a sea of clouds beneath your feet, the shadow of Damavand Mountain on the ground, and the dreamiest of all, the highest waterfall in Asia. Believe it or not, this waterfall is known as an Ice waterfall. In general, the temperature in this area reaches above zero for only a few hours at noon, even during summertime, and then only a little water flows and then freezes again. At last, reaching the peak, you can see the mesmerizing scene of the Caspian Sea and the northern forests of Iran.

What better way to finish your adventure than a splash around in a swim-friendly waterfall. This is literally the best way to overcome your exhaustion after long hours of climbing. Descending the Damavand Mountain while crossing the vast green Lar plain and visiting the wonderful waterfall is the sweetest memory that you can live through. You will be delighted by the sense of accomplishment you achieve after a long, challenging trek by the end of the 7 days of Damavand Tour on the Iran Adventure Tour.

Watch this amazing video of one of our adventure tours on climbing Mt. Damadavand.

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  • Arrival

    Are you ready for 7 days tours of mountain climbing? You’re landing in Tehran, and after checking in at your hotel, take a rest and get rid of the jet lag. Get ready for your trip in the next few hours for some exciting adventure and mesmerizing scenery.

    ACC: Hotel in Tehran
  • Shahandasht waterfall

    Rise and Shine! We’re changing our residence to Rineh today, so get ready and enjoy your breakfast before leaving. After arriving at Rineh, take a quick rest because we will be heading to witness magnificent attractions. Trust me, you’re not ready for this! Shahandasht Waterfall and Malek Bahman Citadel, with all their glory, are waiting for you. After spending a whole day visiting creations of nature and men, it’s time to go back and rest at a local Rineh house to be fully prepared for another day’s adventure.

    ACC: Local house in Rineh
    DISTANCE: 134 km
    TIME: 03:30
  • Damavand base camp

    It’s finally time to let our sense of adventure awaken. After having breakfast, we’ll make tracks to Gosfandsara, the foot of Damavand. Then at the specified location, we climb up to Bargah-e Sevvom for around 4 to 5 hours. You don’t have to worry about your luggage cause mules will be carrying them for you. After reaching 4500 meters, we return to the camp base and spend the night at a mountain hut. If the weather dances to our tune, there are flat areas available for camping. We will provide you with tent; so, bring your own sleeping bag and sleep tight until the next day.

    ACC: Mountain hut
    ASCEND: 4500 m
    TIME: 4-5 hours
  • Summit day

    The sunrises, and it is finally time for the tour’s main event. Today’s the day to reach the peak of the highest mountain in the middle east. After 6 hours of climbing, you’ll arrive at the top and can eventually fulfill your desire for adventure. The view you witness before your eyes are worth the sore legs the next day. We make a photo stop and throw a small party there.

    ACC: Mountain hut
  • Reserve day or climb down

    Today is the Reserve Day; if you couldn’t ascend Damavand Mountain last day, don’t you worry, we’ve got your back! You can climb up Damavand today instead. But if you’ve been up already, you’re on your way back down the mountain .

    ACC: Mountain hut
    TIME: 06:00
  • Relaxation in hot springs

    The adventure is coming to a close, but we are not done yet! When you’re done with your breakfast, it’s time to return to Gosfandsara, where you get a mountain certificate to celebrate ascending the highest mountain in the middle east. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, you’re brought to the hot springs of Larijan by our team. That is what adventuring is all about! Relax in the warm water of the hot spring and refresh before heading back to Rineh.

    ACC: Local house in Rineh
  • Back to the capital and departure

    No lies, today’s the day to wave goodbye to Damavand Mountain. After breakfast, we visit Nandel Village and spend some time in the countryside. Watch the Damavand Mountain from afar and remember the memories and friends you made along the way. The lunch is on us, so we promise you a delicious meal in Nandel Village. When you arrive in Tehran, you have enough time to visit some attractions before heading to the airport to catch your flight back home. Reunion trip next year? Hell yeah! Start planning your next exciting adventure with Iran Adventure Tours.

    ACC: Hotel in Tehran
    DISTANCE: 188 km
    TIME: 04:30


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  • FB meals
  • Mules for carrying luggage in mountain
  • All entrance fees according to the itinerary
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  • Visa
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  • Refreshments (2 bottles of water every day)
  • The difficulty of climbing tour: Extreme


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