volunteering in Iran

Volunteering is defined as an altruistic activity where people provide services for no financial gain to benefit another person group or organization. In other words, it’s about working for no money but learning through new experiences and getting to know a new language, culture, and environment and so many other uncountable advantages. This valuable activity is somehow new in Iran; it doesn’t date back to more than 15 years now. Regarding what was mentioned, there is a lot to be learned about Volunteering in Iran.

Why volunteering?

  • First of all, volunteering is a sort of humanitarian activity, which means giving a hand to people around the world while traveling!
  • Volunteering abroad is among the safest and most reasonable travel types, the offering organizations are reliable in most cases, they provide the food and accommodation, this makes you feel safe and closer to the locals.
  • Working in a different culture and environment is always going to be exciting. The least achievement can be learning a new language.
  • To work abroad looks great on your CV, makes you more confident, and gives good experiences to mention in job interviews back at home.
  • Finding new local friends who can teach you a lot about the region and culture or even some fellow travelers!

Most probable requests in Iran

Most voluntary jobs in Iran relate to eco-friendly resorts or eco-lodges which usually need assistance in setting up or upgrading their work environment in the following areas:

  • Construction and repairment works
  • Photography
  • Cooking and Catering
  • Painting and decorative arts
  • Content creating and social network management

The second vast demand for volunteering concerns GOs and startups, they usually need people with good English knowledge for:

  • Marketing
  • Seo and website designing
  • Content creating

Another common volunteer work is to help villagers with agriculture or Animal husbandry and staying in their organic farms. It requires nothing but your sense of responsibility and being interested.

volunteering in Iran

Volunteering in organic farms and helping villagers requires nothing but your sense of responsibility and being interested.

Where to find and apply  offers

Woofing and Workaway are among the most famous websites around the world providing the volunteer works for travelers around the world for years, but not that popular in Iran and some other web pages are used instead

  • Worldpackers website
  • Iran volunteer website and page on Instagram
  • Coach surfing application
  • Travelers group chats and channels on telegram


It is expected that the volunteer’s time will be allocated between 4 and 6 hours a day to the host depending on the type of work, it might be in the morning or afternoon. By talking to your manager and setting the exact time for work, you can totally handle your job without losing your visits and easily take your time to enjoy your adventure trip to Iran.

Ask yourself these questions before applying

  • What skills, qualities, and interests do I have to offer?
  • Am I good at taking over commitments?
  • What is my purpose in doing volunteer works? what am I about to gain?
  • Is there anything that would influence or restrict my choice of volunteering role?
  • How much information about myself would I want to share with an organization?
  • How often would I want to volunteer and for how long?
  • Does the work let me have my own time and journey?

Ask your manager/responsible/supervisor:

  • Who will show you what to do and supervise and support you in your work? Will you get supervision sessions or will it be less formal than that?
  • What about the facilities? what is exactly provided for you as a volunteer? is there anything you should pay for?
  • How often will you be expected to do voluntary work and for how many hours each time?
  • How long is the volunteering likely to last?
  • Who do you tell if you can’t make it that week?

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