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Tang-e Boraq and Persepolis

Tang-e Boraq & Persepolis tour (Best Price, Photos)

Tang-e Boraq & Persepolis tour (Best Price, Photos)

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Tang-e Boraq & Persepolis are two significant must-sees in Fars province, one is a natural wonder and the other historical monument.

Located in a canyon named Boraq, Tange Boraq is an amazing waterfall with cool pleasant weather to have memorable camping around it or spend a one day picnic in summer. This heaven is less-known in Iran and it is not visited except by the locals. So, it is strongly recommended for adventurers.

Then, you will continue to visit the most famous highlights of Iran; Persepolis and Pasargadae.

Built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural platform, Persepolis is a unique archeological site that would impress you at first glance. You will spend one day tour walking around the amazing ruins of the site and hear interesting stories of the monument. The next stop is Pasargadae which is the tomb of Cyrus the Great and palaces of the early Achaemenid period. Both sites are UNESCO world heritage sites in Iran and worth visiting.

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  • The most beautiful waterfall in Iran

    Margoon waterfall and special weather conditions of the region is one of the most amazing nature highlight of Iran, that seen by million tourists every year. The temperature of this region in summer is 10 degree so it seems like a heaven on the earth. The height of the waterfall is 70 m so it takes several hours to hike and ascend that en route stops for taking photos and enjoy nature scenes of this region. Next, we continue to a traditional restaurant for having lunch and continue to Tang-e boragh (91 km, 01:50) among an amazing mountain route. Our accommodation is located between this dazzling nature

    ACC: Local house
    MEALS: L, D
  • From nature to culture

    It would be great to have light hiking after our breakfast or maybe swim in the river but please pay attention because that’s a wild one!
    This clean and great water make special plants and trees near the river so we will spend time to know about them by listening to our local guide. There are lots of dazzling nature scenes near this river so we can’t miss them; there is a beautiful cave on one side and great to discover! The ground and ceiling of the cave are full of moss and water rains there. After our expedition, we will have lunch and continue to Persepolis (161 km, 02:20); the most cultural highlight of Iran and the capital of the Achaemenids empire, maybe all world knows Iran by this highlight and love that. We will overnight at a hotel near Persepolis.

    ACC: Hotel
    MEALS: B, L
  • Majestic Persepolis

    We will start the day by visiting Persepolis and its wonderful places, it takes several hours to watch all details and take photos of them. Persepolis is the monument of the most powerful empire of the world; Achaemenids! There are lots of stories about this empire so listen carefully to your guide’s explanations. Next, we have lunch and continue to Naghsh-e Rostam; a rocky relief near Persepolis and has lots of things to say! This relief saw most empires of ancient Persia; from Achaemenids to Sassanids. Finally, we return to Shiraz

    MEALS: B, L


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