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Shahdad tour, Iran (Best Price, Itinerary)

Shahdad tour, Iran (Best Price, Itinerary)

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At the edge Lut desert in Iran, unveils the legendary city of Kaluts. Natives believe that those Kaluts are the abandoned city of ghosts. But the science claims that Kaluts or Yardangs are in fact the geological landforms in the middle of the desert, formed by wind erosion. The bizarre shapes of Kaluts give a very mysterious atmosphere to the desert. The name of these natural structures is on the heritage list of UNESCO. Shahdad is known as a unique and natural attraction of Iran pretty much looks like Utah in the USA. The transcendental of Shahdad annually attracts many tourists from inside and outside the country. In this area, you will gain the opportunity of exciting recreations such as safaris, desert camps, and desert hiking is very common, especially in autumn.

Shahdad Kaluts in Kerman is divided into three regions: green, orange, and red. The green area is shown in green, the area is about 2km from the Shahdad-Nehbandan road and is visible and accessible to tourists. If you do not intend to hike in the desert professionally and go to the heart of the deserts of this region, green zone permission is enough for you. Orange and Red Zone are considered forbidden Zone! The two orange and red zones start right after the green zone; however, you have to be careful! many travelers have never returned from these areas, mostly those who traveled without a professional tour guide and necessary equipment. Due to the difficulty in determining the route, tourists are very likely to get lost and get stuck in the desert.

Shahdad desert embraces the hottest point in the world with a maximum temperature of 70 degrees. Your desert journey starts in a 4*4 that would take you on a dune bashing ride and continues by visiting the salt lake and watching the enchanting sunset of Shahdad desert through your tent.

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  • Camp in desert

    Shahdad and its Kalouts are the most amazing nature highlight of Iran. We transfer by 4*4 autos to Shahdad (96 km, 01:20) and have a Safari tour between high sandhills and feel Kalouts, also we visit the salt lake in the desert, which is famous as a salt river. After having lunch in our traditional local house and rest, we hike in the desert and watch the sunset in the desert. Have you ever slept in the middle of the desert under a starry sky? Tonight we transfer to camp zone and rest under the night sky near the fire and drink tea. There are lots of special animals and plants beside you so enjoy, just enjoy it!

    ACC: Camping
    MEALS: L, D
  • Sun in desert

    We can’t miss the sunset in the morning so wake up and get ready for a morning hike between the desert’s hills. Next, we hike for 4h in the desert and enjoy Kalouts’s shadows. Finally, we return to Kerman en route visiting special plants; Nebka and having lunch.

    MEALS: B, L


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