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Sar Agha Seyed village tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

Sar Agha Seyed village tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

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Sar Agha Seyed is a stepped village perched on the slopes of Haft-tanan peak in the Iranian part of the Zagros mountains. Most residents of this village nowadays are Bakhtiari nomads, coming to the village in May and leave it before the freezing winter days. It would be interesting to know that none of the houses in Sar Agha Sayed village has no windows at all! Even the doors of these houses are very small and made of timbers produced in the same area. On the second day, we will visit the Sheykh Ali Khan waterfall in Koohrang and we will stop by the Zaman khan bridge. There were many bridges built on the Zayanderood river, but not all of them where in Isfahan, Zaman Khan bridge was built on this river near the Saman town.

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  • Amazing stepped village

    Have you ever heard about stepped villages in Iran? This is one of the mysterious places, that you have to reach by local tour guides so it will begin by visiting local guide and leaving hotel toward to Saraghaseyed village (230 km, 03:45) and have a traditional lunch there, one hour strolling in the village and visit salty and know about the local people’s jobs and lifestyle are amazing. After this visit, we return to the village and overnight in our local house.

    ACC: Local house
    MEALS: L, D
  • Natural wonders in Koohrang

    The sounds of women, that are making bread and breakfast, is like a lullaby for you. Eating natural products like honey will get you ready to continue to Koohrang and stop for visiting Sheykh Ali khan waterfall and take a photo with these dazzling highlights. After having fun in the waterfall we continue to Saman city and visit Zaman khan bridge and have our traditional lunch, the guide will tell you fun stories about the bridge and finally, we return to Isfahan.

    MEALS: B, L


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