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Neyshabur city tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

Neyshabur city tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

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Neyshabur is the second important city in Khorasan province. During the millenniums, the city had been popular and was almost never abandoned because of a good climatic and geographical position. So many unique monuments remained from that long history.

This city is known as the cradle of artists and intellectuals such as Khayyam; the famous Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet, and Kamal al-Molk, the great Iranian royal painter. Besides all those, visiting the great turquoise mine will be an amazing experience. The mentioned mine in this city is the world's oldest active turquoise mine, extracting turquoise stone with high quality from two thousand years ago, and has the capacity of producing 19 tons annually. Turquoise is a precious stone that has different colors with different shades: light blue, dark blue, dark green, and light green. This rock is a type of igneous rocks that are found near the earth's surface and in volcanic areas. Visiting a beautiful Salt mine, colorful salt domes, and also a marvelous Turquoise mine will be a great experience. You will learn about mines and mining in this enjoyable tour.

There are numerous historic and natural attractions in this ancient city including the tomb of Khayam, the great Iranian mathematician and astronomer; Attar Neyshabouri, the great Iranian poet; the wooden village, Greene waterfall, the remains of the old city, and so on. You will enjoy spending your time in such an old and lovely city, there is a lot waiting for you here.

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  • Turquoise mines

    Neyshabur isn’t only a historical city but also an adventure one. Visiting a beautiful Salt mine, colorful salt domes and also a marvelous Turquoise mine will be a great experience. Taking photos and learning about the Turquoise mining method is another highlight of Neyshabur so we start our journey by transferring to Neyshabur (120 km, 01:30). After the stroll, we will have lunch in a traditional restaurant and then visit Shah Abbasi caravanserai; a Safavi era monument. The amazing monuments of Neyshabur are uncountable, next we visit Khayyam tomb and also Atar Neyshabur’s tomb and also visit the woody mosque in Iran that is unique in the world. Finally, we return to a local house in Neyshabur

    َACC: Local House
    MEALS: L, D
  • Trekking in Bojan village

    First visit Radkan tower; an incredible astronomical instrument to set time and date! The tower was built by Khaje al-Din al-Tusi; a famous Iranian scientist and astronomer. Next, we have traditional lunch and continue to Bojan village and also hiking in the village.
    Finally, we return to Mashhad.

    MEALS: B, L


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