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Aroosan desert

Mesr & Aroosan deserts tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

Mesr & Aroosan deserts tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

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The delightful Aroosan village with palm trees and vast plains of golden sands and those infinite desert sky is located near the Isfahan. “Aroosan” word means "beautiful as the bride" and this desert village really deserves such name! watching the endless starry sky of the Aroosan in silence while smooth sand is slipping through the fingers, stills the tourist favorably. The second day will be passed in “Mesr” village and desert. No matter how much you dislike deserts, you cannot see the Mesr desert and do not fall in love with that! The name of this village “Mesr” meaning Egypt might be questionable for you, well it has a good story behind. it is safe to say The support vehicle will accompany us during the trip.

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  • Beautiful desert scenes!

    No one can describe the desert so we should experience that. In this tour and after having breakfast, we continue to Khur and Biyabanak (400 km, 04:30) and rest and have lunch in a local house to get ready for our exciting walk near the salt lake and its wonderful scenes like salt hexagons, made by salt on the ground! After that, we continue to our local house for rest

    ACC: Local house
    MEALS: L, D
  • Camping in the middle of the desert

    Are you ready to camp in the desert? So gather your belongings like a water bottle and give to support autos because we can’t live without them in the desert!
    We continue to Aroosan desert en route to take photos and listen to tour guide explanations about desert plants and animals. After having our lunch in support camp and rest awhile to transfer to camp zone and sit near the fire in the desert and watch one million stars in the sky

    ACC: Camp
    MEALS: B, L, D
  • Aroosan village (Brides village)

    Please wake up and watch the sunrise in the desert! You can’t miss this scene. After breakfast, we continue to Aroosan village with local guides and support autos and take photos of this village, which is the lack of people and living. Then we will have dinner and continue to Isfahan (380 km, 04:15)

    B, L


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