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Matinabad tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

Matinabad tour (Best Price, Itinerary)

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Natanz, Iran's historic and central garden city, in Isfahan province, between Isfahan and Kashan roads, famous for its pleasant climate and natural products as well as remarkable historical sites like the Jameh Mosque of Natanz. The variety of climate in this city is very interesting, as one of the most beautiful deserts of central Iran, Matin Abad and also as the countryside of Tameh are both located near it. The great point is that the Iran Adventure group has provided you an amazing 2 day trip to the lush village of Tameh and visiting its waterfall as well as camel riding in the Matinabad desert, all in the same district: Natanz. isn't it just wonderful?

there are many exciting desert activities waiting for you in Matin Abad. why don't you check Iran desert tours first?

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  • Eco desert camp!

    There is a great eco desert camp in Matinabad that is unique with lots of interests like camel riding and cycling in the desert so we start our exciting tour by going toward the Matinabad en route visiting Jameh mosque of Natanz; Ilkhanid mosque and also an old tree of the city that has 1400 years old! After that, we walk to the Sassanid fire temple in Natanz and get ready to have lunch in one of the traditional restaurants of Natanz. After having a light walk in Tameh waterfall, we continue to Matinabad eco desert camp and overnight under the starry sky in the desert with a great local dinner.

    ACC: Eco-camp
    MEALS: L, D
  • Live like a desert man!

    It’s time to wake up and watch the sunrise in the desert, after having breakfast we can do different activities like camel riding or maybe cycling in the desert. Eco desert camp with its great equipment will inspire you to feel the desert and return to eco-camp to have lunch there and return to Isfahan.

    MEALS: B, L


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