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Maragheh tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

Maragheh tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

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Maragheh; the capital of the Ilkhanid period has embraced loads of amazing historical, cultural and natural sites that are appealing to many visitors.

Located to the south of Tabriz, in the northwest of Iran, the city enjoys cool summer with fresh weather. The Soofi Chay river passes through the city, in the south hillside of Sahand mountain.

If you are interested in nature and historical monuments, you are recommended to visit Mardagh river and the historical bridge over it. The bridge has been built during the Safavid period under the influence of Ilkhanid art.

Maragheh Observatory is the first and greatest historical observatory in Iran established about 700 years ago attracting many tourists to this city every year. Maragheh is rich in terms of culture and adventure and you will be impressed on this Maragheh tour.

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  • Maragheh city tour

    Maragheh is one of the 10 capitals of Ilkhanid era (140 km, 02:00) and visits the blue dome; one of the most famous domes of Iran and its architecture is like a 10-way charter, after that we visit Maragheh observatory; one of the best observatories of Iran, that build by Nasir al-Din al-Tusi. Can you imagine having lunch near these amazing highlights and then visit the beautiful Ghaffariyeh dome and strolling for several hours there. Finally, we continue to our great local house to rest and have dinner.

    ACC: Local House
    MEALS: L, D
  • The nature

    After breakfast, we continue to the beautiful Chekan village and visit the Chekan waterfall and have a great time there. Then we return to Tabriz en route and have lunch in Maragheh.

    MEALS: B, L


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