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Khaf and Nashtifan

Khaf and Nashtifan (Iran) tour (Best Price, Photos)

Khaf and Nashtifan (Iran) tour (Best Price, Photos)

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It's going to be a 2-day discovering journey to rich cultural Khorasan province. we are going to perceive a little about the traditional instruments and folk music of Khorasan and enjoy the traditional musician's live play. It's safe to say the traditional music of Khorasan in the 21st century offers surprises. Then it comes to visit Khargerd Ghiasieh mosque in Khaf and Nashtifan traditional windmill. Nashtifan traditional windmills were made to use optimally the strong and continuous 120-day winds of Sistan. This monument is one of the oldest brick made complexes in the world waiting to be registered in the UNESCO heritage list these days.

Khaf is also one of the important centers of traditional music in Khorasan Razavi and Iran and many great music mentors live in this city. Khaf is located in a mountainous area and you should not miss visiting mosques, religious places, and beautiful mansions when traveling to this city. There are fascinating natural attractions on your tour to Khaf and Nashtifan, you can visit. There is a magnificent waterfall called Rezdab which is located in Rezdab village in mountainous areas, 32 km from Khaf city, and has a pleasant climate and beautiful and captivating landscapes. Rez means grape in Persian and the reason for naming this waterfall has been the large vineyards that have been destroyed today due to lack of water.

Another reason for the historical importance of the city is that the tombs around the city are somehow similar to those of the ancient Zoroastrian, and some residents believe that the grandchildren of the royal houses of the Parthian dynasty are buried in some of these graves. You will be amazed by the unique architecture in this city.

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  • The sound of music

    We start the tour by leaving the hotel towards Khaf (265 km, 03:30); the capital of traditional Iranian music and visit Khargerd Ghiasieh school; the most famous highlight of Timurid empire. After taking photos of the school, we continue to Salami pavilion and park; that belongs to 800 years ago and has a dazzling architecture. Next, we continue to the local house in Nashifan and have lunch. One of the best traditional musicians will play Dotar; an ancient music instrument, for us so we have fun until night there.

    ACC: Local house
    MEALS: L, D
  • The wind catchers

    Today we will start our great tour by visiting wind catchers of Nashifan, which are unique in the world and still useful. By visiting this amazing highlight you will know about this region’s culture and lifestyle. Then we continue to Torbat-e Jam (140 km, 01:50) and get ready to visit Jami’s tomb by having lunch in a traditional restaurant. There is also an underground mosque and we will visit it, can you imagine? An underground mosque!
    Finally, we return to Mashhad en route hiking in Kashmir gardens and beautiful hills of it.

    MEALS: B, L


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