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Soltaniyeh dome

Katale khor cave & Soltaniyeh dome tour (Best Price, Photos)

Katale khor cave & Soltaniyeh dome tour (Best Price, Photos)

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Katale khor cave & Soltaniyeh dome are among the most outstanding tourist attractions in the northwest of Iran which is a rich region in terms of both cultural and natural wonders.

The underground world has amazing wonders, among them, are caves and specifically water caves. katale khor cave is a unique natural tourist attraction located in Garmab of Zanjan province. According to the present geological evidence, Katale Khor cave is an aquatic-land cave in the heart of limestone Saghizlu Mountain, dating back to the third period of the tertiary geological period. The estimated age differs from 30 to 120 million years old. The unique features such as beautiful stalactites and Stalagmites make this cave worthy of visiting.

Continue for Soltaniyeh dome; the largest brick dome in the world, which was built commissioned by Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh (Oljeitu). This mausoleum is an artistic masterpiece of Iranian and Islamic architecture. While the material used in the body is mainly brick, the dome made of great turquoise tile works which are pretty appealing.

The most outstanding feature about the construction is its function as a natural clock. People used to find out what the time was according to the amount of light that was let in the building through the large windows. The smart architectural rules applied in the construction of the building has made it attractive to many visitors so far.

Traveling to Zanjan province, do not miss Katale khor cave & Soltaniyeh dome tour.

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  • Most amazing cave of Iran

    Today we have a great tour of 3 hours of walking. First, we transfer to Katalekhor cave; the most beautiful cave of Iran that made by water and lime (147 km, 02:20). After having lunch we continue to Soltaniyeh dome; the largest brick dome of the world and built by Il0khan Oljeitu and known as Muhammad Khodabandeh and take photos from this amazing highlight. Finally, we continue to Zanjan.

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