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Gonabad tour, Iran (Best Price, Itinerary)

Gonabad tour, Iran (Best Price, Itinerary)

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The aqueduct of Qasbeh is the largest and oldest aqueduct in the world, dating from the Achaemenid period of 2700 to 2500 years ago, and is registered in the UNESCO list. can you imagine digging 33 kilometers canals underground at that time? Even the way that the well-sinker used to be equipped to gain enough oxygen under the ground is still a question! The aqueduct was used for aquaculture for drinking and also agricultural purposes. Drilling a well with  300 hundred meters borehole in ancient times is one of the reasons proving that the aqueducts of Gonabad are regarded as the masterpieces of history.

You will visit this wonderful site and the Jameh mosque of Gonabad in 2 Days. Undoubtedly, one of the most significant tourist attractions of this city is the Jameh Mosque. The highlight of the mosque is the Kufi inscription and the beautiful brickwork that is engraved around the Qibla porch. According to the available evidence, the current building of the mosque was probably the evolutionary stage of an older mosque that was later developed. Although Gonabad Jame Mosque dates back to more than eight centuries ago, this mosque still witnesses the presence of different groups of the people in congregational prayers and various spiritual ceremonies, including I'tikaaf.

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  • Cradle of Qanats

    The ancient lifestyle was great. As you know, our modern life and investments come from the past so this tour we want to spend time in the past and their great investments like Qanats. Qanats are the underground channels that transport water from a water well to surface for drinking or washing. Gonabad with its great and deepest Qantas is famous so we start by transferring to Gonabad (280 km, 03:00). After that, we continue to Qavamiyeh Riyab traditional hostel and have traditional lunch there and listen to Dotar; traditional music instruments. Next, we spend time at a local house and have dinner

    ACC: Local house
    MEALS: L, D
  • Land of windcatchers

    We start today by strolling in the old portion of Riyab village and take photos from traditional houses with wind catchers, old baths, and Ab-Anbar; a place to save water for summer. All of the mentioned places belong to the Qajar era and are wonderful. Next, we have lunch and return to Mashhad

    MEALS: B, L


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