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Bam tour, Kerman, Iran (Best Price, Itinerary)

Bam tour, Kerman, Iran (Best Price, Itinerary)

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The Bam city in Kerman province embraces the largest adobe building in the world: Arg-e Bam is a historical citadel dating back to more than 2500 years ago, It was designed as a citadel to protect its citizens and the king of course. The heyday of the citadel was from the seventh to the eleventh centuries, when it was at the crossroads of important trade routes and was known for the production of silk and cotton garments. Until about one hundred and fifty years ago, people lived in the citadel, but then the inhabitants left the citadel for the last time and migrated to the gardens and palm trees outside the town.

After this fecund experience, you will refresh in the wonderful Dehbakri village and waterfall on the second day. Its pristine heights welcome mountaineering and tourism groups every year. Among these heights of Shiro Mountain is the beautiful area of Morghak.

The nature of Dehbakri, will take you to deep dreams during autumn with its colorful caress and the tall trees. Autumn has a unique and privileged collection of the colors of trees and plants that make the soul appreciate its captivating beauty. Large walnut trees, tall poplars, apricot, and sour cherry orchards, and the slopes covered with pistachio forests, as well as the Dehbakri River, which flows through the center of the village, makes a magnificent landscapes frame.

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  • Adorable big castle

    We will pick you up from your accommodation and leave toward Bam city. We will be 6h on tour each day approximately so make sure you have your comfy shoes and cloth.
    Bam located on south east of Kerman and need 2h driving to reach there. At first, we will visit Arg-e Bam which literally means Bam citadel. This is the biggest adobe building in the world with 2500 years history even after the fatal earthquake in 2003. The citadel is located on the hill toward the city where you can see a lot of date palm trees. Bam is very famous for date fruit that is the finest one in its kind. After visit the citadel will have our lunch in one of the best restaurants of the city and in the evening will visit the Hana workshop where you can learn how Iranian use this herbal medicine for thousands of years.
    We will dine in a nice local restaurant and then leave to hotel and overnight in there.

    ACC: Hotel
    MEALS: L, D
  • The second one

    Pack our stuff and check out from the hotel. Leave the hotel after breakfast and depart to the mountainous Dehbakri village which is 50km away from Bam. There we will have a short and joyful hike in the village and it’s pochards. A few hours later we will continue our journey toward the Rayen city where the second biggest adobe citadel is located there. This building is similar to the Bam citadel that we visit yesterday. The usage is the same but it was built thousand years after the Bam citadel by Sasanian Empire who rule all over Iran from current Uzbekistan to Egypt for 427 years. You will learn so much things about their glorious history while walking in the castle. Before visit the castle we will have our lunch and then go to visit the castle after an enjoyable tea in the shade of the trees.
    Our tour takes 6h today and then we will return to Kerman and leave you at the hotel.

    MEALS: B, L


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