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Aqda tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

Aqda tour (Best Price, Photos, Itinerary)

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Have you ever heard about Zoroastrians? It still has followers in some cities and villages in Iran, Aqda is one of these cities. Zoroastrianism or Mazdayasna is one of the world's oldest continuously practiced religions. As a large and ancient village in the central part of Iran, near Ardakan, Aqda dates back to 6000 years ago.

Traveling to Aqda, you will see the dominant material used in the architecture of the old village is clay and adobe which has made an eye-catching scene in the city, made it a popular spot for photography. Every corner of the village evokes the pleasant peaceful memories of life during ancient Iran.

On Aqda tour, you will get to know about Zoroastrians and their lifestyle, how they pray and you will visit their fire temples.

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  • Zoroastrians culture

    Chak Chak is one of the most important places for Zoroastrians to pray, they believe that this region is a shrine. Our first destination is Chak Chak (96km, 01:15) with its dazzlings steps to reach so are you ready to enter to Zoroastrians’ world and visit the holy fire? After several hours visiting this place, we continue to historical Ardakan city en route have lunch in the restaurant. Taghdiri house in Ardakan with its amazing Qanat is one of the most important highlights of the city. Feeling the underground life and also walking in an old portion of the city is an unbelievable experience for you. Finally, we continue to the local house and overnight in our great accommodation.

  • Meet the desert

    After our traditional breakfast, we will walk in the old portion of Aghda and watch the wonderful fruit gardens in the middle of the desert! Next, we visit the historical Ab-Anbar and mosque of Aghda and get ready toward Yazd en route to have lunch.


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