Star valley - Qeshm

Where is the most amazing route for cycling in Iran? Well, there is probably more than one answer to this question, since Iran is full of amazing routes for cycling, but here in this article, we are going to talk about the southern Iran beaches, just by the fascinating blue Persian Gulf. Stay with us to know more about this enjoyable adventure in Iran.

The Lovely city of Bushehr

Starting from Bushehr, with its impressive and peaceful coast, the city is quite lovely. Bushehr is famous for its amazing traditional architecture which has made it a fascinating destination for many visitors. You will witness a combination of architecture, fascinating coast, and tasty local food. A peaceful coastline is considered among the best Iran beaches and a nice place for cycling and adventure.

If you are looking for a place to relax, we recommend Kohan Café, a historical building that has been inscribed in the list of national monuments of Iran. The breakfast menu is wonderful and the gorgeous green yard offers a good opportunity for taking memorable photos.

Iran beaches - Bushehr

Bushehr offers one of the most amazing Iran beaches by the Persian Gulf.

From Bushehr to BandarAbas

Having passed Delvar city, you will reach a great and beautiful beach, named Mohammad Ameri, a perfect sandy beach which is a suitable place for camping and cycling. Here is also among the best Iran beaches.

Mohammad Ameri is connected to a rural beach named Barbu; this place is also a great route to enjoy biking.

Passing through Barbu, there are a few harbors particularly for fishing, Rostami wharf is a nice place worth visiting and there are eco-lodges and local houses to stay overnight.

About 40 to 50 kilometers from Rostami wharf toward Bandar Abas, you will reach to a region named NareKooh with two amazing islands, where you can go for watching whales and the impressive Mongro jungles.

Awesome Siraf

Siraf is the next destination, located near Asalooyeh. Unlike Asalooye that is a polluted city, Siraf is a lovely island with ancient attractions including Graves that were drilled in the rock. Although they were not really graves, they were a system to control the flood.

Siraf lies right beside the Nayband Gulf, a beautiful gulf with a rocky beach that is far away from the pollution of Asalooye. You cannot have a better chance of having fun than watching the amazing sunset here in Siraf, and biking in the impressive coast of Siraf.

Iran beaches - Siraf

Iran beaches: Siraf lies right beside the Nayband Gulf, a beautiful gulf with a rocky beach.

Siraf to Bonud

After Nayband Gulf, you will reach to Bonud; a rocky village with an extraordinary beach by the Persian Gulf. Here is one of the greatest Iran beaches suitable for tourism and beach sports including cycling.

This village has been the filming location of famous films such as “Muhammad the prophet” movie.

Close to Siraf there is another must-see village, Ziarat. It is located near a fishing harbor a rural district. The peaceful quiet beach is also an off-the-beaten-path where adventurers would enjoy cycling.

Iran beaches: Bonud

Bonud: A rocky village with an extraordinary beach by the Persian Gulf.

Ziarat to Mogham

The next attractive destination is the rural beach of Mogham, with a fascinating rocky road suitable for biking. Mogham is one of the most beautiful Iran beaches, a small island named Shidvar or Maroon Island with breathtaking beach, coral in some places and rocky in some others, and a Lighthouse.

There are impressive animal species you can see if you are lucky enough such as a special type of turtles. The colorful beach is a breathtaking place to enjoy biking and will be a life-long experience for you.

Mogham beach

Best Iran beaches: The rural beach of Mogham

Mogham to Chirooye

The road from Mogham to Chirooye is a marvelous one you may not have seen before! Although the road is pretty challenging for biking, there are astonishing scenes waiting for you here. Imagine yourself cycling in a fantasy road, while enjoying biking you will face stunningly beautiful trees called “Ficus Benghalensis”, various types of cisterns, camels, and different kinds of birds. The road is strongly recommended to professional cyclists.

Ficus Benghalensis tree

Ficus Benghalensis: A tree in the southern parts of Iran.


Chirooye is the closest island to Hendoorabi, an abandoned coral island in the Persian Gulf; however, there are some locals living here. The coral beach is a peaceful and unique place for biking and swimming. You may not want to stop here and take a boat to reach Kish island fast, but if you happen to stop in Chirooye, be extremely careful about Sea Urchin while walking, not to put your feet on these small creatures!

Kish Island

Kish is not really much of an adventure destination, though, it worth visiting without a doubt and let you experience Iran from a totally different perspective; you can see luxury hotels and modern recreational facilities everywhere. There are wonderful cycling paths on this island for biking and top attractions to visit such as Dolphin Park, the Greek ship, Ocean theme park, and Kariz underground city. Kish is recommended for joyful cycling on the south coastline of Iran by the Persian Gulf and relaxing.

Qeshm & Hormoz

You can arrive at Qeshm either through Bandar Abas or Bandar Khamir. Qeshm is a mysterious island, a great choice for nature and animal lovers and adventurers to get familiar with Iran’s stunning natural heritage, and a paradise for cyclists! The great geological masterpiece created by erosion on this island has brought about amazing landscapes to enjoy while cycling.

When you arrive at Qeshm, make sure you spare at least a day on the nearby island, Hormoz. The first thing impressed you on the island, is the colorful soil is which is due to being rich in mineral. The fantastic colorful mountains and multicolored stones that make volcanic scenery offers a good opportunity for hiking, cycling, and taking photos. You are going to remember your awesome travel to Qeshm and Hormoz for the rest of your life!

Star valley - Qeshm Island

A view of Star valley in Qeshm Island, the area has been inscribed as a geopark in the UNESCO.

From Bandar Abas to Minab

Many decide to stop this wonderful long trip by the time they reach Qeshm and the nearby islands, but if you have a call to continue cycling on the south coastline of Iran, the next destination would be Minab. Little by little, you go far away from the beautiful Persian Gulf and get close to the Oman Sea. On the way from Bandar abas to Minab, you will see some Mangrove Jungels that are typical of this climate. Tiab wetland is a must-see on this journey, the most important forest ecosystems in Iran. Being home to migratory birds and many fish, Tiab has been registered as a national protected area. The lagoon is a great place for boating and watching the beautiful nature, on cool summer days. There are also local bazaars you can find anything ranging from fresh local products to handicrafts made by the local people.


ـJask city offers One of the most appealing beaches you can find, the rocky and sandy areas that have created impressive natural hills is quite eye-catching to visitors. Mangrove forests, migratory birds, and hot springs are other attractions of Jask. Two of the most prominent springs are Pouraf and Sadij. Sadij hot spring contains sulfur that is believed to be useful for rheumatic pains.

The Shrimp-breeding area in Jask also worth visiting.

Tang village

There are pristine and unique natural attractions in this small port area; including the sandy and rocky beaches, as well as fig trees, temples, and mud volcanoes are. Baloochi people are famous for their hospitality and fishing is the main livelihood of the locals here. Biking in the beautiful beach of this village would be a lot of fun for you.

Darak Beach

Derek Beach is the cleanest beach in Iran, where the beautiful rocks, corals, and sands have formed a spectacular view. The village is the closest point to the Strait of Hormuz. The best time to be on this beach is without a doubt at sunset. The beach is one of the rare ones, since it offers all four types of rocky, sandy, sandy, and coral beach in close proximity, making this tourist area more fascinating.

Biking in the stone-paved sandy beach lying next to miniature mountains, and forests would create unforgettable memories for you.


Chabahar is considered a free-Trade Zone in Iran, a U-shaped port that attracts many scuba divers and birdwatchers. Chabahar is a gem with lots of hidden wonders, ranging from natural landscapes to cultural beauties. Being right across the equator, Chabahar enjoys pleasant weather, especially in January and February, not to mention all the delicious tropical fruits you will find. The genuine culture, astounding landscape, delicious foods, and hospitable people of southern parts of Iran makes this destination quite worthy of visiting. Just imagine how your biking experience would be in such a captivating landscape!

Beris Harbor and Gwder Gulf

Beris port is where the Oman sea and Indian ocean are connected. A beautiful fishing port with rocky walls that you can climb to see the beauty of the Oman Sea. Standing on the rocks, you can see waves crashing on rocks, the fishing boats, and listen to the sound of seagulls.

Iran beaches - Beris port

Beris port; where the Oman sea and Indian ocean are connected – one of the most spectacular Iran beaches

Bear in mind that are there are many cycling routes in Iran since this country is the land of wonders and amazing landscapes. However, biking on the south coastline of Iran is a unique experience, no professional cyclist would like to miss it!

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