The historical village of Kandovan which is a collection of rocky houses is located near the Tabriz city. The history of living in this village dates back to the seventh century AH. What mostly impress visitors about his village is the shape of houses in the mountains which is the result of geological formations. stay with us to know more.

What is the story of Kandovan?

At that time, the people of the Hillevar village, who lived 2 km away from Kandovan, decided to escape the clutches of the Mongols and migrated to the area. Little by little, they start digging up the mountain by hands and simple tools so that they could build a shelter in the heart of it, and this is how the settlement in the village of Kandovan begins.e history of the village is estimated between 5 to 7 thousand years ago. Some estimate it to be 6,000 years old, while others date it to 3,000 years ago. The history of its settlement is also attributed to the seventh century AH, the Mongol invasion. But there is another version that the original inhabitants are the immigrants of Lake Urmia who escaped from the Elamites and their snakes in the wars of Ilam and Assyria and came to this region.

Kandovan landscape

The traditional rock house in Kandovan village.

How is the weather in Kandovan?

This mountainous village has a cold climate and the residents spend 180 days of a year in icy conditions. That’s why you shouldn’t plan to visit Kandovan during the first half-year period. Kandovan is located in the northwestern part of Sahand Mountain and of course, this mountain has played a great role in its formation, since the conical appendages in Kandovan, are formed by the deposition of volcanic ash in the Sahand mountain. Since Kandovan is located on the slopes of the Sahand Mountains, it has a very good climate and there are many green lands and pastures around it, which is why the nomads choose it as a place for their summers. The people of this village are mostly farmers and ranchers, in the heart of these high hills, some of which reach a height of 40 meters, hundreds of caves, warehouses, and chambers have been dug, which is very spectacular.

Kandovan landscape

The best time to visit here would be spring and autumn.

How was the village built?

The architecture of the village is one of its wonders. This is a rocky village. The wall drops are very thin and about 2 meters, so the inside of the houses is very cool in the summer and the winter is naturally warm. The name of Kandovan village is due to the houses that are located in the heart of the old rocks and the architectural style used in their construction is indigenous and rocky style. In rock architecture, building materials such as plaster, lime, clay, etc. are not present, and the desired space is created by engraving inside the stone. In fact, this style of architecture is an example of man’s conflict with nature over the possession of natural rocks. Due to its special architecture and texture, this village has been registered in the list of national monuments of the country.

Kandovan architecture

The architecture style in this old village is quite spectacular.

What will you face here?

Kandovan is water and electricity. The village has two large and small mosques, plus a school, an amusement park, souvenir shops, a buffet, and a restaurant. The most famous souvenir of the village is mountain made honey. Dried fruits and wool woven carpets are also famous here. Kandovan mineral water, which is also sold in Tabriz, is suitable for the treatment of kidney diseases and can be drunk from several taps inside the village.

kandovan hotel

The famous Rock Hotel you can spend a night in.

How to get there?

To go to this stepped village of Tabriz, you have to go to Osko city of East Azarbaijan province. Start on the road from Esco to the south of the city and take the road to Chaiknar Street. After passing the city of Esfanjan, you will reach a crossroads 7 km from the road. The road to the left leads to the village of Kandovan. In Esco, minibusses take you to Kandovan.

Kandovan in winter

Although Kandovan in winter is spectacular, planning for it during winter is the worst decision ever!

The mineral water spring here is also one of the attractions of this 6,000-year-old village. The water of this spring with a low percentage of weight is very useful for the treatment of kidney diseases.

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