Cycling in Zagros

Have you thought about cycling in Iran? In fact, according to research at the University of North Carolina, A mere 30 minutes of steady cycling on the road, trail, or stationary bike can improve memory, reasoning, and planning. It also has scientifically proven benefits for emotional and mental health, helping to overcome depression and anxiety. Undoubtedly, cycling has a lot of fun. No matter if you try biking to start a new adventure, for health reasons or simply for enjoying nature, cycling has lots of benefits. In addition, if you choose a great destination like a beautiful forest or a peaceful shore, you are going to double the joy. Biking in nature is a wonderful way to reconnect with it and reduce your anxiety and stress. Here, we are going to explore some of the most beautiful cycling routes in Iran. These amazing biking destinations in Iran will help you to slow down and appreciate the natural surrounding while biking. Enjoy these five biking destinations in Iran:

Matinabad Eco-resort in heart of Desert

While you are in Iran, you can’t miss spending time in its peaceful, mysterious deserts. If you are looking for a memorable stay in the heart of Iran deserts, we recommend Matin Abad eco-camp. Located 60 km from the city of Kashan one of the tourist attractions in central Iran, Matin Abad eco-camp and organic farm welcome tourists and adventurers searching for a different type of accommodation align with sustainability principles. One side of the eco-resort overlooks the highest central mountains of Iran, Karkas Mountains, and the other side faces Dasht-e Kavir Desert and a Salt Lake which would be an ideal place for cycling. In Matin Abad, you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of desert activities such as camel riding, safari, and stargazing at night.

While the whole structure has been inspired by ancient Carvanseraei, the resort offers some tents and also some special rooms named Koome, except the Carvanseraei shaped rooms. The best time to visit deserts is from September to December and March to May.

Cycling routes in Iran: Matinabad eco-camp

Matinabad eco-camp: A green accommodation in the central desert of Iran

Heyan tourist region

Are you fond of biking among fog and cloud? Located 30 kilometers to the west of Astara in Gilan province, Heyran tourist region is the right road for you. It has three villages: The Lower Heyran, the Middle Heyran, and the Upper Heyran. Heyran offers one of the most spectacular natural landscape and cycling routes in Iran. It faces the forest-covered mountains on the one side and a valley on the other side where the Aghchai River flows and forms the border between Gilan Province and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Heyran is usually foggy; although its altitude is not very high (the highest point is about 1,500 meters above sea-level). The main reason for this permanent fog is humidity raised from the Caspian Sea. The region has a cable car and is well equipped for those who want to enjoy biking and to have an overnight stay. You may stay, find a spot for camping and enjoy Iranian hospitality. The best time for cycling in Heyran road is from April to September.

bike routes in Iran

Biking destinations in Iran: Heyran road is a stunning road in the northwest of Iran.

Caspian Seashores

Traveling to the north of Iran offers endless adventure opportunities; peaceful shores and dense forests for cycling, hiking, bird watching, trying the best quality caviar, etc. Caspian Sea is the biggest sweet water lake in the world, located in the northern part of Iran. The Caspian coastal route starts from Astara city in Gilan province and runs along the Caspian shores until it reaches Gorgan city in the northeast in Golestan province. The route is about 750 km and tourists will enjoy a mixture of different natural attractions as well as unique local cultures of three provinces as they cross the forests of Alborz Mountains and the sea.

cycling routes in Iran

The best cycling routes in Iran: Caspian seashores

Kish Island

Kish is an amazingly beautiful coral island known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. The visibility of the Persian Gulf water is much better than Langkawi and Dubai (triplet sisters) on this island. The regular international flights have made it quite easy to reach the island. Kish is among the ideal biking destinations in Iran that provide many cycling routes to facilitate the activity for adventurers. You are welcomed to experience the most exciting and joyful hours on your favorite two-wheeled vehicle particularly during cool and pleasant fall and winter (from October to March), however, summer evening time also offers its own advantages.

biking destinations in Iran - Kish

Kish island has provided cycling routes for adventurers, you can enjoy long hours of biking on this peaceful island.

Qeshm Island

Do you know where the largest island in the Persian Gulf is? Qeshm is surrounded by biologically diverse mangrove forests, fascinating beaches, a number of villages that are among the best biking destinations in Iran. Adventurers can experience biking around these fascinating villages, and enjoy its sun-scorched interior features, geologically significant canyons, hills, caves, and valleys. Qeshm is not an ordinary island, it is a huge geopark inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage list as Qeshm Geoparks. Various rare wildlife species, including birds, reptiles, dolphins, and turtles live on this island. The best time for cycling would be during the winter, summers on this island are often hot and humid.


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